Britt ran into me today while I was hacking around on a toy program of mine. Basically, I'd gotten fed up with having 5000 Firefox tabs open at once, with no proper way to search through my history or bookmarks, so I decided there needed to be a better way. I started playing with Gecko# and got a bit caught up in getting something half-usable out. Since the last thing the world needs is another web browser, I'll probably just polish it off some more and put up the source to help out (or possibly confuse!) anyone else who wants to do some Gecko# hacking beyond a 5 minute browser. I did finally discover the old Mac app I was doubtlessly inspired by, TrailBlazer.

Anyway, onto the main reason for abandoning it, my conversation with Britt made me realize that even beyond the silliness of trying to create another browser, I was also reinventing the wheel in numerous other ways. It would probably be much easier to hack the functionality I'm looking for onto Beagle. Guess I'll need to set up an inotify-enabled kernel.

Speaking of which, I need to do quite a bit of kernel hacking in less than a month anyway, with 3-4 large kernel modification projects ahead of me. Thankfully, due to my inability to read a syllabus, I finished all my projects for another course two weeks ahead of time, so I won't have that looming over my head.