I was trying to work on some XML-RPC craziness under Mono, and came across XmlRpcCS and a nice tutorial. Problem is, since I'm running Mono 1.1.4, I could reference the built XmlRpcCS.dll assembly at compile-time with no problems, but the resulting program would die with:

WARNING **: Could not find assembly XmlRpcCS, references from
  ~/source/monoblog/monoblog.exe (assemblyref_index=3)

This is because with Mono 1.1.x, it seems you must register signed assemblies with gacutil. In order to do this with XmlRpcCS, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the XmlRpcCS source file and unzip it.
  2. cd to the XmlRpcCS directory and run "sn -k XmlRpcCS.snk" to generate your keyfile.
  3. Edit the makefile and change the CSFLAGS line to "CSFLAGS=-define:__MONO__ -delaysign-"
  4. Edit src/nwc/xmlrpc/AssemblyInfo.cs and add the following lines:

    [assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(false)]

    [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("XmlRpcCS.snk")]

  5. Run make

  6. Run "sudo gacutil -i XmlRpcCS.dll -package XmlRpcCS"

Now when you need to compile against XmlRpcCS, just add "-r /usr/lib/mono/XmlRpcCS/XmlRpcCS.dll", and it should work fine.